Shannon McNeal grew up listening to her grandfather, J.B. Cochran, telling tales about their family. She inherited his talent for spinning tragedy into comedy and loves to share her stories about growing up in Alabama and her adventures after moving to Atlanta. If you love southern porch stories, you will love Shannon McNeal.

Shannon was born in lower Alabama, or as we like to affectionately call it, LA.  After the two yet-to-be explained years living in Ohio, her family moved back to Alabama, this time to the northern section of LA.  Shannon was sent off to college before graduating high school, so to this day, technically she is a high school drop out.

Shannon graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in philosophy and a couple years later went off to Mississippi to study law so she could earn a living.  Now she lives in the Atlanta metro area and is having the time of her life telling stories.

In 2010 "The Moth" came to Atlanta as Atlanta MothUp and Shannon took the group by storm.  In 2010 she performed at almost every Atlanta MothUp event, the Decatur Arts Festival, the Decatur Book Festival alongside George Dawes Green (the founder of The Moth), as a part of the Unchained Tour, and with Improv Monster, an improv comedy group.  

2011 is full of exciting new possibilities, Shannon is planning her own show in the spring and will be performing in January as one of the finest regional storytellers with the Southern Order of Storytellers, and also in March with their storytelling festival featuring Carmen Deedy and John McCutheon.


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