Shared Basket eliminates the effort and money spent on Grocery delivery. It leverages the most important and abundant asset a store has, the customers. Shared Basket encourages the customers who visit a Grocery store to also deliver grocery for friends.

Shared Basket guarantees store prices. 
Users pay exactly what they pay at the stores by reconciling store receipt amounts.

Shared Basket is a “Complete” App. It has all the elements required to have a seamless Grocery Shopping and pooling experience.

Shared basket currently supports 8 US Grocery stores:
1. Walmart
2. Costco
3. Safeway
4. Target
5. 99 Ranch Market
6. Indian Grocery Stores (All generic Indian grocery stores)
7. Sprouts Farmers Market
8. Whole Foods

Here is a brief comparison of how using Shared Basket compares to other Grocery shopping methods:

                           In-Store Grocery Shopping     Online Grocery Shopping        Shared Basket
Delivery charge                   NA                            Yes. Online platforms charge        No
                                                                                 a delivery fee or/and Mark
                                                                                 up the product prices by
                                                                                  20% to 35%

Save Grocery Time                 No                            Yes                                                  Yes

Hiked prices on products        No                            Yes / No (User can’t be Sure)          No

This is how Shared Basket works:
1. Users create a shopping group by adding friends and neighbors to the group.
2. User add the products they want from catalog of multiple stores on Shared basket
3. All the members of the shopping group see each other’s shopping list, curated by stores
4. The member who visits the store first, purchases the groceries ordered by others in the group
5. Whenever the friends meet, they exchange the grocery bought for each other.
6. All the balances are settled within Shared Basket.

Users can use Shared Basket to:
* Pool Grocery-buying with friends.
* As a Grocery List.
* Share/Borrow excess grocery with friends, reducing Wastage.
* Compare prices of products across all major grocery stores.
* As a digital wallet to keep all receipts and coupons searchable.
* As a dashboard to keep a check on Grocery spending.
* Sends Notifications if any user in a group edits list.
Oyes Labs plans to roll out Shared Basket worldwide in a phased approach. The first phase launched on May 12th, 2020, is for users in United States. Phase two, planned for the starting week of June 2020, would be for users in India. Europe and the rest of the world is planned for CY2021.
Users in US can start using the app, Free of cost, either by going to https://sharedbasket.com and signing up there, or by installing the iPhone/iPad app from the Apple App store at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/shared-basket/id1498515580
For any info please contact info@sharedbasket.com

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