Founded by Leroy Shaw in 1948, Shaw & Sons is a fully integrated construction company specializing in structural & architectural concrete.

Shaw & Sons has developed a reputation over the past 50 plus years of striving for perfection. From setting 1400 lb. base plate templates on high rise buildings to simplistic cast-in-place concrete walls, to sawcut patterns in hardscape paving. All display an “accuracy” that is accomplished by delivering each project in a systematic step-by-step process to ensure that the design intent, both structurally and aesthetically, is fullfilled or exceeded. Building with such a methodical approach brings an assurance that each piece is installed properly and therefore remains uncompromised over time. Ownership receives the best long-term value.

This is what we strive for.

This is our reputation.

Architectural Concrete, Lithocrete, Oceansafe, Structural Concrete