As CEO of Shayla C. Smart Personal Development Group.Shayla's daily business goal  is to transform the lives of women from the root inside and out.  Shayla works with professional women in private practice, executive, entrepreneurial and team leadership positions. She teaches the tools women need to transform the dreams for their lives and businesses into reality.

Shayla speaks to and leads groups of women of various nationalities, and religious backgrounds. In her experience, she has found that one thing remains the same: Women experience many of the same, trials in life. All women want to be heard. Shayla provides an individual action plan for her clients, the client does the work and together; transformation, balance, achievement, dreams and purpose are made reality.

Shayla is the coach for you if, you have a desire to play a bigger game in living the life you desire. If you want to build a stronger foundation in your current leadership role.If you know in your heart  that a piece of the puzzle is missing in your life. You are ready to lead your life on your terms and break down any barriers in your life, communication, family, leadership, and the pressures of day to day life.