My name is Anna Woods, I’m the founder of sheSTRENGTH. I am a wife and mom to 3 from central Kansas.

I was given the name Home Gym as a CrossFit Athlete. I was the only competitor who did not belong to a gym. I was the only competitor who worked out at home by myself. It worked better for me for many reasons, mainly being my family. I retired from competing at a high level of CrossFit a few years ago when God spoke to my heart about pursuing something bigger. I designed an app to help women reach fitness goals beyond their imagination–training at home. No gym memberships needed.

I want to help women find themselves again.  I am changing the game. The rules. And breaking stereotypes of home fitness. It’s CrossFit meets motherhood. Meets strength training. Meets gains. Meets BA women ready to take on the world!

SheSTRENGTH services are available through a mobile app and in-person/virtually through hands-on training at my barn gym in Central Kansas.