Love, betrayal, commitment and courage. Author and speaker, Dr. Adah F. Kennon has written a book that chronicles her journey to protect her husband, an honorably retired 89-year-old African American World War II (occupation) and Korean War Army veteran, who suffers from kidney disease and is on dialysis. The book is a survival manual and empowerment tool that exposes the grim reality of how growing numbers of Americans have and are treated by the government, big pharma, the health care industry and pharmaceutical companies.

Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love? is a survival manual and empowerment tool. "When I started writing my book, it was just going to be a basic book on caregiving," Kennon said.  "As I got into it, I felt that there was more to be said to help people not have to go through what we went through. These entities literally hold our lives in their hands. They don't want this information to get out because it doesn't serve their interest. Their goal is to satisfy their bottom line, to make money, and not patient welfare."

Dr. Kennon is concerned about the failure of candidates currently running for political office to address what she sees as a basic issue. "Access to health insurance options and affordability of medications and services are important. However, people need to understand why and how the prior authorization process can be misused to deny access regardless of these factors. It's all been so well hidden. Once my eyes were opened, I became passionate about sharing what I learned so that something could be done to change things for the better. I firmly believe that there is power in numbers," she explained.

"The legacy of a history of racism in this country is the mistrust of people of color," Kennon said. "And, the betrayal of the sacrifice made by our veterans in the form of bait and switch has also led to distrust. People are suffering. They can't get their health care needs met and don't know what to do or where to go to have a decent quality of life, let alone survive. My book offers answers to these questions."

Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love? includes information concerning chronic kidney disease and dialysis, the Affordable Health Care Act, and veterans issues. In the final chapters, Dr. Kennon shares a Formula for Success that people can use to get what they deserve.

Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love? has been profiled in The ROCKET Newsletter, Summer 2018 (a publication of ROCKS, Inc., the premiere and largest professional military officers' organization for Army Officers, Warrant Officers and Department of the Army Civilians). She also has a website/blog devoted to caregivers, patients and anyone interested in the status of health care in America.

Purchase Patient or Profit: Where Is The Love? at 247lightheartedcaregivers.com. Dr. Kennon is also available for speaking engagements.