ShedStreet.com is a community based site that provides a platform for members to lend and borrow items from each other. ShedStreet allows members to “create” their  own neighborhood by the choosing how far they would like their items to travel or how far they would like to travel to find items.

You can also find great local service providers and local deals in the community!

How it Works – The Headlines

• Become a Member in your neighborhood – It’s FREE

• Lend an item to your neighbors – You set the price!*  

• Borrow an item from your neighbors – You only pay the price listed by the lender

• Find a service – It’s FREE

• Provide a service – It’s FREE for non-businesses and business rates are incredibly low

*The rental transaction takes place on ShedStreet through a secure credit card transaction. ShedStreet charges a percentage of the transaction which is currently 30%. Details are provided in the Terms and Conditions.

The item exchange can take place at one of the Members' homes or some members find a convenient location like a coffee shop or restaurant to make the exchange.

Feel free to check out the site and browse what’s available, no membership is required to browse.

Before you buy, Check the Street!