Shel St Clair is a marketing and advertising consultant living in the Chicago area.  Shel is a well-respected professional that has spent two decades working in advertising and marketing focusing on the development of small businesses. Her marketing plans have helped businesses as diverse as flower shops to architects.   Marketing is expensive, and most small business owners have limited budgets; Shel has focused on this exact issue, bringing effective advertising to the small business.  She writes brilliant ad copy; technical, professional, amusing, whatever the need, Shel has an inherent feel for what will bring customer response, and excellent market timing.  Her artistic skills and strong aesthetic taste afford her the talent to develop powerful logos that immediately identify the core values of the client.

Shel develops a close relationship with her clients working to bring them to the level of success that they desire.  Her professional philosophy is, “The small business owner is an expert in their field, they cook, they are accountants, they are mechanics, they are not marketing gurus.  That is what I am here for; we bring to their marketing what they bring to their craft.  My goal is to bring consumers to them that they can convert into loyal customers.”

This world is ever changing and the reason that some executives seem to grow stale is that they simply learned a craft; they were not a creative powerhouse like Shel St Clair.  In this age marketing is shifting fast and new technologies are being developed daily.  The standard advertising that a small business owner relied on for the last 60 years is no longer applicable.  Customers make purchasing decisions in different ways and seek information and referrals in a manner that didn’t even exist when the phrase. “Word of Mouth,” was coined.  Shel is right there, ever fresh, on the cutting edge and ready to deliver customers to her clients.