Shergroup Limited

We are U.K's leading legal enforcement service provider including county court judgments, legal debt collection services, authorized high court enforcements, high court judgment, pre-legal collections, rent arrears, transfer up, collection of unpaid rents, writ of FIFA, writ of possession, warrants, AHCEOs, baillif services, outsourcing services and BPO services.

Shergroup is a company with its roots in the past but focusing firmly on the future. Led by Chief Executive, Claire Sandbrook, (named one of the Top 100 Credit Industry Personalities in 2008).

The company dates back to 1780 and was formerly known as Burchell and Ruston. It is the sixth oldest law firm in the UK and is the only enforcement firm in the top 200 law firms.

Shergroup - Shergroup operates through its different brands mentioned below. Please click on the links to visit the relevant website.

Sherforce - If you are a creditor who is owed money then Sherforce as the UK's leading High Court enforcement agency – will help you collect what is owed after the court has found in your favour.

Sherforceplus - Sherforce Plus has been designed to fill in the gaps in our client's recovery process. As a service it can be used before a claim is issued to assess a debtor's assets and financial position, or after judgment it can be used enforce a judgment debt of under £600 or a judgment debt which is regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Sherbond - Sherbond is a specialist enforcement service offering clients a speedy and effective resolution to problems including the recovery of land, and certificated bailiff enforcement remedies.

Shercurity - At Shergroup Security “minding your business” is our top priority. Our mission is to prevent and resolve any issues caused by the presence of trespassers and other unwanted visitors on your land or property, as well as guarding your greatest asset – you and your people.

Sherlock - Sherlock, as part of Shergroup, offers a focused set of services to trace debtors and to serve parties in litigation with court papers. +44 (0) 845 890 9204

Shercar - shercar helps you find, recover and sell Debtor vehicles.

Shergroupoutsource - As one of the leading providers of outsourced global business services, our Shergroup Outsource team offers a wide range of services which are delivered efficiently and quickly to our clients – and at a very attractive rate when compared to the cost of providing the service inhouse.

Sherbetfoundation -Sherbet is a debt charity which helps families affected by enforcement action.

Shergroup along with other enforcement officers have a clear responsibility to enforce the orders and judgments of the courts.

Claire, as CEO, is a qualified Solicitor and author of many books on enforcing judgments. Rather uniquely she was the first ever woman Under Sheriff of a county, being Surrey, holding the position for seven years until 2005.