Dear All,
We are Offering Mobile Dialer,Device2phone and PC2Phone:
Spicily for Saudi Arabia, UAE, OMAN, Bahrain, Qatar,Libya,Iraq & South Africa.

# Own Brand Mobile Dialer.
#Shinetel Dialer  supports G729, GSM and G.711 codec for sending audio data. For details of codec support according to Phone Sets,
#Your client can hear remaining balance by listening to IVR
#Shinete Mobile Dialer  runs on application layer so it supports GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth for internet connectivity.
This software will run on the phone having Symbian or Windows Mobile 5 and 6. For details compatibility list,
# Reseller Level 3,2,1 Available
# VPN Ready.
# Premium Quality A2Z Rout.
# White CLI BD route.
# V-Sat back-boon Grey route.
# Own Byte Server
# 24X7 Customer Care.
# switch to Switch Routing.
# India cell white CLI (ASR 45% TO 55% ACD 6+ PDD 2)
# Bangladesh White CLI (ASR 45% TO 55% ACD 6+ PDD ...

Shinetel Dialer.
Mobile No:8801713940334