Shining Stars Childhood Care and Education Centre offers the best value for child care and education services in the Cayman Islands.  Shining Stars currently serves children from 6 weeks old through 5 years old and our motto "Our stars shine the brightest" is true.

The facility is secure, open, ultra clean, bright with plenty of natural sunlight and designed to facilitate play-based learning.  The playground is spacious and fenced with natural shade provided by trees and a large sunscreen and contains age appropriate play equipment.

The teachers are dedicated, friendly, fun and nurturing professionals who love their jobs and the children they serve.  One of their goals is to make sure that the children are having fun as both studies and common sense dictate that a child enjoying him/her self is in an optimum position to learn and grow.

Shining Stars believes in a holistic approach to childcare and education.  As such, proper nutrition is of the utmost importance.  Shining Stars does not knowingly serve any food that contains Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and parents are not allowed to give snacks to their children that contain MSG.  All bowls, cups, plates and utensils are BPA-free.  A full-time in-house chef prepares delicious meals using whole foods while processed foods are minimized.  Fresh fruits are served every day during morning snack time and vegetables are served every day at lunch.  At a little more than $3 per day, the meal plan is a great bargain.

Shining Stars works with parents to ensure that children with food allergies and sensitivities such as gluten and casein are accomodated.  This is often done through substitution (rice milk for dairy milk, oat porridge for wheat porridge, etc).

Shining Stars is the first and only childhood care and educational establishment to serve neutral Kangen 7.0 water.  Kangen water is arguably the best water in the world and it benefits the children by optimizing absorption of the water due to its microclustered makeup.  Please visit  http://www.caymanwaterfilters.com to watch videos and learn more about the benefits and makeup of Kangen water.

Shining Stars is the first and only childhood care and educational establishment to employ a secure biometric check-in/check-out system.  Only authorized persons are able to check-in or check-out the children which helps with childhood safety and also eliminates the need for sign-in sheets.

Shining Stars believes in the health of the children.  As a childcare centre, children are going to catch colds, etc. from other children.  To minimize the possibility of sickness, Shining Stars does not allow children with severe symptoms of illness to attend.  In addition, there is a shoes-off policy in the facility, toys and play equipment are sanitized daily and a full-time janitor is employed.

The nursery is limited to 12 babies and serves ages 6 weeks through 12 months old or until the baby begins walking.  The nursery is staffed by both registered nurses as well as practical nurses who love babies and both take direction from parents and communicate extremely well.  The caregivers sing and play with the babies in addition to feeding, changing, holding and gently rocking them.  Parents of babies are allowed to visit at any time

Shining Stars Childhood Care and Education Centre is located near downtown George Town on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands in Pasadora Place at the corner of Smith and Pines Road.  This location is adjacent George Town Hospital as well as a couple blocks away from Chrissy Thomlinson Memorial Hospital and a one minute drive to downtown businesses.  Normal operating hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00am through 6:00pm.