Shirudo Lab is a brand that produces products with Japanese technology that helps mothers keep their families safer from viruses, bacteria, fungi and also mosquitoes.
There are 2 main products from Shirudo Lab that can be obtained by families in Indonesia namely Handy Aromatheraphy Disinfectant Spray and also Shirudo Lab Healthy Mask.

What are the advantages of Shirudo Lab products over other products? Handy Aromatheraphy Disinfectant Spray Shirudo Lab has advantages such as easy to carry with the right size on hand, has aromatherapy Eucalyptus, can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and mosquitoes, has been officially registered at the Ministry of Health, food grade making it safe for babies, skin even for food or drinks , also can absorb unpleasant odors. You could say this product is a Handy Spray for all kinds of purposes.

As for the Healthy Mask Shirudo Lab, the advantage is that the material uses bamboo cloth so the anti-virus is not due to a chemical process but because the material is naturally anti-virus, so that if you wash it repeatedly the antivirus will not fade. Another plus is the windshield, waterproof (so water splashes won't get in), the mask can cover the nose and mouth properly, anti-odor and anti-acne.

For the Handy Aromatherapy Disinfectant Spray, Shirudo Lab is priced at IDR 35,000 per pc and for the Healthy Mask Shirudo Lab can be obtained for IDR 39,900 per box where 1 box contains 3 pieces of masks with different designs.

These Shirudo Lab products can be found at Shirudo Lab's Official Store at Tokopedia: https://m.tokopedia.com/shirudolab and Shopee: https://shopee.co.id/shirudolab