Shiva's Karma is a publisher of unique original digital content.  Our eBook imprint, phatREADS, specializes in adult fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi novellas which are (P)retty (H)ot (A)nd (T)empting reads for busy people on the go who want the satisfaction of a good book but in a format easy enough to read in an hour or two.

MEMOIR OF A TIME YET TO COME (http://www.amazon.com/Memoir-Time-Yet-Come-ebook/dp/B0088JSC0U) tells the story of Aaron, an ordinary man who finds himself transformed after an unexpected encounter in the wilderness into something...otherworldly.  In his new incarnation, he is pulled into a terrifying world of magic and spirit with deadly implications for all mankind.

LAST THINGS (http://www.amazon.com/Last-Things-ebook/dp/B00EP51YC4) continues the action only this time...the stakes are much, much higher for Aaron and all of Creation.  The Archangel Ahriman, beloved of God but now fallen, is out to avenge his expulsion from Heaven by seeking to break through the Gates Between the Worlds to wreak havoc on earth.  Only a ragtag team thrown together in a desperate attempt to thwart his plans stands between the forces of Ahriman and dominion over all Creation.