ShofarDomain is an alternative system that gives true ownership of a domain name.  Once you buy it, it is yours perpetually to use or to sell as you see fit.  This ability is based on fixed technology and not changeable policy.

ShofarDomain works within the rules of current standards, so expected operation continues unhindered.  All alternative TLDs can be made available even to the unsophisticated user.  This releases you from the power that IANA has over the web, and does not give ShofarDomain or any other party control.

ShofarDomain make it easy for an organization or ISP to offer a private or local interest TLD.

ShofarDomain is technology that has no central authority making the dream of truly autonomous users on the web a reality.

ShofarDomain is based on digital signatures and a design that removes the secondary need to obtain a security certificate for your domain.  This secondary expense, typically more than the price of the domain and often obtained from the TLD operator, is completely eliminated.