If you want to shoot a paper target at an indoor range, there are several near the strip. But if you're looking for the excitement of shooting multiple targets, including EXPLODING targets, there are only a few choices in Las Vegas.

If you are looking for THE Las Vegas VIP Shooting Experience without the VIP price, we've got you covered, literally! Rather than stand in the dirt out in the sun, wind, and rain you'll be standing in the comfort of our climate controlled Mobile Firing Line. Want to shoot at night? The Mobile Firing Line is equipped with high power LED light bars to light up the range at night.

With more than 50 guns at your fingertips, you can each customize your own shooting experience with our Full Auto's, Western guns, Sniper rifles and much more. And all of our guns are tied in with movies. Want to channel your inner Tony Montana, "say hello to my little friend". You can even see if "you feel lucky... Well do ya Punk"?

Our shooting stations are equipped with photo / video systems that let you show your friends on social media just how cool it is live from the mobile firing line via on board WiFi.

Because our events are private, we recommend booking in advance or calling for available times.  We shoot at a location approximately 20 minutes from The Strip.  Complimentary transportation is available with most packages.