Shops Stock’s platform connects consumers and businesses together in a single and trusted shopping community. Since it is available on mobile, web and table devices, our platform has highly functional systems to meet every user’s needs.  

What makes Shops Stock interesting is its new and valuable features. Here they are:
Haggle Button - This feature replaces current discounting methods. It allows shoppers to enter the amount they are willing to pay for the desired products. Submitted offers are forwarded directly to the retailers.  Our platform allows retailers to recognize the number of market ready or willing to buy shoppers at any given price point.  

Social Gifting (Social to Peer Purchases) – This makes purchasing the perfect gift hassle free.  The shopper selects the gift recipient from their network of friends, views item they have “Stocked” in their profiles, then purchases the item out-right or contribute any amount you choose. The funds are then applied to the total cost and reduces remaining balance. Once total amount is received, the gift is shipped!

Stock Button – This is quite similar to “Wishlist” on other social sites.  On our platform, this feature allows users to tag/pin “Stock” products, stores, brands and categories on their user profile page. Thus, they can easily access it at anytime.

Shops Stock’s platform provides the following experiences:
Only the lowest price of the products is identified - Shops Stock eliminates the time-consuming process of saving coupons and searching various sites to compare prices. Through simplifying the user’s experience with a single-product window display with low and affordable prices, shoppers save time!

Shoppers are able to Find Favorite Retailers – Shops Stock provides shopper’s access to their favorite retailers on one platform. Selecting a particular shop will take shoppers to the retailer’s “Store” on Shops Stock displaying policies, prices, and products and ensuring a high level of customer service.

Shoppers can provide a list of products they would like - Shops Stock’s platform allows shoppers the ability to share items and stores with their friends.  Shoppers can easily guide friends to purchase items as gifts or too make recommendations for the best products to buy.

Can’t wait to get the full benefits of Shops Stock? Then, sign up and create your own profile now! Like others, you will surely love using our platform forever, lol!