ShopthisMag is the first one-of-a-kind digital newsstand app that features all of your favorite magazine titles in one beautiful, easy to use app.  Browse, read or shop the magazines.  You use one account to shop across all titles and never have to manage multiple usernames, passwords, subscriptions or apps again.

Each magazine is enabled with "ShopIts".  ShopITs turn each magazine into its own beautiful department store.  We call it ImageRetail™.  Select a magazine, turn on ShopIts, and the images come to life.  When you see something you like, tap it and add it your ShopItBoard or just SaveIt for later.  You can keep reading and browsing the magazines until you’re ready to checkout.  It all happens right there within the app.

We are currently in the demo prototype phase and actively raising seed capital for our beta app.  Investors, publishers and merchants are invited to inquire.  We can provide a Demo, Executive Summary, Prezi and/or Term Sheet upon request.