We are a team of short sale and foreclosure experts. A realtor,an attorney,and a paralegal that have joined forces to specifically address foreclosure and short sale situations. An experienced accomplished realtor and assistant that have been working specifically with short sales and banks since 2005. A local attorney that has focused on the real estate market in Georgia and more specifically foreclosures and short sales. We are equipped and prepared to legally address any and all questions pertaining to foreclosures and short sales in Georgia. We have experience working with nearly every major bank and lender associated with residential property foreclosures in the state of Georgia.
Foreclosures and short sales can be very complicated,confusing, and time consuming. For someone facing these circumstances it can be embarassing and intimidating. Our job is to help the homeowner understand the processes and to educate them on their options. If they are facing foreclosure,a homeowner actually has several options including loan modification, short sale,deed in lieu, or even bankrupcy if needed.
It has been our experience that having an attorney represent our transactions when we are dealing with the banks really makes a huge difference in the timeliness and often type of response we receive from the banks. We are also legally compliant in our negotiations,something that should be asked of anyone handling these transactions!
Once a homeowner understands their options we can intelligently move forward in a very prepared manner. If the house is to be marketed as as short sale then a thorough market analysis is done so that the property is listed correctly. Having a knowledgeable realtor listing the property is so important because not only must the property be listed correctly, but all offers must be handled properly with the seller and the bank. It is the listing agents job to effectively and accurately communicate all of the required information to a buyers agent. So many times one side or the other is misinformed or unprepared and the deal falls apart never having had a chance to start with. When these transactions are handled properly from start to finish the result is a much better,more predictable, and far easier experience for the home owner and everyone involved.
We have spent many years working together as a team and countless numbers of successful realtors have trusted us with their short sale and foreclosure transactions.  
Whether you are a homeowner who needs our help or a realtor that would like to have our team assist you please feel free to call us anytime or e-mail us at the address below.
Thank you and Best Of Luck !

Joe Carey - Realtor with First United Realty
Joel Williams - Attorney with Joel Williams Law Offices
Lisa Mitchell - Paralegal withJoel Williams Law Offices