Short Sale TM.com is the most accessible, complete and  affordable short sale management system available.  From having access to your files from anywhere, to sending short sale packages from your cell phone, ShortSaleTM.com will transform your business!

Every day, more and more Real Estate Agents, all over the country are using shortsaletm.com.  They're all discovering just how much time they save by using the system!  

Here are some of the great tools shortsaletm.com offers:

* Unparalleled Accessibility  - Send Short Sale Packages from anywhere, even your cell phone!

* Ease of Use - Clean, simple and user friendly  interface

* Time Savings - never be tied to the office or fax machine again!

* Integrated fax/email for packages - just click "send" and package is auto-faxed to lender(s)

* Auto-stamping of loan number on top of each page - no more writing loan number on each page, the system does it automatically

* Automated email updates -send scheduled updates to  the Buyer's agent, Seller, etc

* Lender and Loss Mitigation Data base - Direct phone and fax numbers!

* Short sale document templates - Never miss the proper forms with our extensive library of Lender Specific Docs, general short sale templates, and CDPE forms!

* BPO form - Available for every property if you wish to use it!  

* Unlimited Photos - Useful for damage reports!

* Auto HUD request- automatically sends the Purchase contract and all necessary information to your chosen Title/Escrow company, tasking them for a HUD!

* Security - No more personal financial information laying around the office!

* Protection - time and date-stamped notes and activity log, providing protection to the agent

As you can see, ShortSaleTM.com is a complete management system which has managed to automate as much of the short sale process as logically possible.   That's why Agents are using it!

Short sales are going to be a part of real estate for a long time.  If you're an agent, it's likely to be a large part of your business and that means, a huge part of your time.  Let ShortSaleTM.com shoulder that burden!  You'll be liberated too!