We are a team of Salesmen, Admins, Mortgage Processors, and Loan Auditors who have come together to create the Short Sale Assistance Program.  We have done short sales at other companies and decided that our system worked better than theirs.  They refused to conform to our system so we left and created the Short Sale Assistance Program.  Our goal is to prevent foreclosure at no cost to the homeowner.  We never ask the homeowner to come out of pocket we get paid at closing by the lender, buyer or agents depending on the state and the agents.  We do not earn a penny prior to closing and when we get the approval letter the homeowner has the option to accept the approval that the bank has given him or he can walk away at no cost.  Even if we do the work and the seller does not accept the conditions of the approval there is nothng owed to SSAP.  This is what makes us so popular, we really put our money where our mouth is by standing begind our work.  We have no monthly fees nothing for Real Estate Agents to join or pay for so it is a win win situation for everybody.  The seller gets the short sale process by a full time professional processor, the agent has more time list and sell other properties which enables the agent to make more money.  We also try to get the house for the buyer at the best price possible.  Our current ratio is 95% for approval and 92% for closing.  We do not accept investor offers, we only accept retail style offers from Homeowners.