Short Sales Access was formed to assist Homeowners, Buyers, and Real Estate Agents nationwide to help get their short sales closed.  Most people do not have the resources, process knowledge, or experience needed to go through the process by themselves.

If you are a HOMEOWNER facing difficulty making your mortgage payments, have loss of income, or owe more than your property is worth, find out how a Short Sale could help you possibly avoid foreclosure, and get you back on your feet.

If you are a REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL the Short Sales Access team can handle all your short sales processing giving you the ability to move on and find another deal thus saving time and freeing you up so that you can make more money!

The Short Sales Professional Team spends an average hold time of 30 hours on the phone with lenders for each short sale. This is a great benefit and a time saver for real estate professionals.  The Short Sales Access Team does all the heavy lifting enabling the real estate professionals to concentrate on making more sales.

If you are a BUYER looking for amazing bargains, find out how you can make money in your own backyard with Short Sale properties.  Short Sales Access is dedicated to serving the investor and home buyer get the best deals in short sales properties.

Short Sales Access also provides live workshops and online courses for Real Estate Professionals who want to learn how to do Short Sales themselves so that they can better help their homeowner clients and also benefit in the process. Check out the workshops, seminars, and courses on the Short Sales Access website.