ShudderBooks is a Benefit Corporation incorporated in Minnesota; neither beholden to greedy shareholders, nor bound by byzantine non-profit rules. The purpose of ShudderBooks is Illumination, and ultimately to send the founder on a family road trip around the moon.

ShudderBooks Incubator project is "Cult of the Month" an app and Salvation Delivery Service. The Cult of the Month as a corporate entity takes the notion of Corporations as People very seriously, and as such clings to it's "Deeply Held" Belief Systems (BS). ShudderBooks BS is in line with whatever BS the Featured Cult of the Month has as it’s BS at the time. ShudderBooks BS will, of course, change each month to reflect the teachings of each individual cult. There is one exception to this rule, however. Regardless of which cult happens to be featured as Cult of the Month, ShudderBooks maintains that it is the proud patriotic duty of all corporations to pay taxes, as it is a fairly minor cost for civilization. Also, it is much less work to do so than to apply for tax-exempt status, particularly when the details change every month.