SiSense is an innovative business intelligence (BI) software company that is leading the way into a new era of business intelligence, reporting, dashboarding and business analytics.

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a unique business model, we aim to completely change the current reality in which only Fortune 500 companies can benefit from high-quality, scalable BI solutions. The time has come for every company to have access to full-fledged BI without compromising on functionality, scalability, manageability, flexibility, governance, collaboration or ease-of-use.

We are the creators of Prism, a unique, end-to-end business intelligence software application designed to be used by people with little or no prior experience in BI development. Prism is enabled by ElastiCube technology, which is the reason we can provide enterprise-grade business intelligence to any company, of any size, with any amount of data and to any number of users – in just a matter of days.

Our Mission

From our own extensive BI experience, we know exactly what’s wrong with the business intelligence space today. It’s risky, it’s expensive and the return on investment is often questionable. These three factors are closely tied together and create a reality where most companies are reluctant to explore BI, or only use it for minimal aspects of their business activities.