Sibers is a provider of IT outsourcing solutions since 1998. Focused on custom software development, Sibers brings safety, transparency and integrity into every outsourcing transaction. Areas covered by Sibers in information technology outsourcing are software research, development, and testing of applications for web, Windows, Unix and mobile platforms. Custom Remote Teams built by Sibers provide cost-effective solutions for start-ups, marketing agencies and established businesses seeking to outsource their IT needs.

Loving to write code and knowing how to do it right, Sibers brings safety, transparency and integrity into development process. We begin by researching our client’s situation and goals. Based on our client’s demands, we choose an approach: innovative, time-proven, or a combination of both.

Our library of methodologies and solutions creates value for changing business requirements. Our experience helps our clients build cost-effective programming teams and set appropriate budgets.

Sibers German website: www.sibers.de

Sibers Russian website: www.sibers.ru