Sigman Law Office, P.C. is general practice law firm  located in Wakefield, MA, dedicated to serving clients located in the North Shore, Greater Boston, and Metro West areas.  It was founded by Eric and Lisa Sigman with one goal in mind - to be an accessible and full service firm for our clients.  This means not only providing  prompt service and superior legal assistance at a competitive price, but also offering legal services in a variety of practice areas, which give the client a creative and complete solution to their legal problems, both before and after they arise.   We represent clients in the following areas of law: Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Estate Planning, Small Business Representation, Franchising, Condominium Law and Conversions, and representation of Condominium Associations.

Our attorneys return calls promptly, provide honest and up-front disclosures regarding fees, and keep our clients informed throughout their representation.  We understand that our clients and their legal needs are unique and we ensure that each client is treated that way.

At Sigman Law Office, we don't believe that "expensive" necessarily means better.  We strive to provide superior legal services, at fair and reasonable prices.  We make every effort to work within your budget and always provide you all the information regarding cost up front, before work begins.  

We handle most cases under flat fee pricing.  No surprise expenses, no inflated bills at the end of your case.  Ancillary expenses, such as government filing fees, are explained to and approved by the client before they are incurred.  When we do take on a case under hourly rate billing, we offer competitive and reasonable rates.  We will always take the time to explain our retainer and fee agreements, and welcome questions about your bill at any time.

Our fees and method of pricing reflect our philosophy that quality legal services can be honestly and reasonably priced.  To meet this goal, we keep our overhead costs as low as possible; therefore, as part of this effort, we do not take cases on a contingency fee basis.

As part of our continuing effort to provide our clients with the most comprehensive service possible, we continue to expand and review our professional associations with other service providers.  These professionals include architects, business and marketing professionals, accountants, realtors, mortgage brokers and more.  If there is an ancillary service you may need in connection with the legal assistance we provide, we make every effort to seek out the most professional, courteous and reasonably priced provider we can.

This is just one more service we offer all of our clients, because we understand that there is often more than just legal issues involved in our client's case, and we do not believe our relationship with the client ends when the legal matter is resolved.