At Reachout America we focus on our children here in America.

We believe that by overcoming the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis here at home, we, as a nation will be better able to help our children and others.

Reachout America is a unique community of caring people that brings together individuals like you, local businesses, and organizations. What makes this National 501(C)3 Foundation so wonderfully unique and successful is how we choose to disburse our resources of time, effort, and money to uplift and enhance the lives of special children in America.

Reachout America works proactively for kids, rallying the financial and material support of individuals, students, philanthropists, local businesses, and national corporations. We are doing some wonderful things for the children right in your very own community to help them overcome their challenges. Reachout America encourages you to get involved to any extent or manner that you desire.

Reachout America is affiliated with countless cool kids' camps across the United States. We have supported a variety of special needs camps and campers by sending them to therapeutic camps, such as horse therapy, art, wilderness skills, diabetes, therapy and even space camp for a 6 year old child with congenial heart disease. Reachout America's committed team carefully assesses each child's individual needs and interest in order tp give them an ideal camp experiance to raise the child's spirits, confidence, and hope.