Sikh Youth Vancouver (“SYV”) is dedicated to encouraging Sikh youth to work towards global peace through spirituality and worship, and achieve community harmony through ecumenical outreach as rooted in Sikhism’s founding traditions.  We believe in promoting British Columbia’s rich Sikh history by chronicling and highlighting our Province’s early Sikh pioneers and their contributions to Canada and the Sikh community.

We are a community service group working to progressively advance and integrate Sikhs into the Canadian mosaic through participation in public service (“seva”) initiatives.  Important seva projects by SYV members have touched thousands in-need, and include:

•     A currently operational in-patient alcohol and drug rehabilitation center;
•     Active, ongoing campaigns to feed and clothe Vancouver’s homeless and underprivileged;
•     Support services to help women victimized by domestic abuse; and
•     The first-of-its-kind program assisting otherwise helpless young women who have fallen prey to fraudulent marriages -- a growing social epidemic.

For more information, please call Mr. Lakhvir Singh at 1-604-288-2614 or email SYV2010@Gmail.com.  You can visit us online at www.SikhYouthVancouver.com