Silencia is a full service business development enterprise. We offer the highest quality of marketing, public relations, advertising services and our core focus is on facilitating your long-term achievements.

We want to become your silent business partner, a trusted advisor to oversee every aspect of your success.

Silencia is built on passion and authenticity. We are made up of creative, resourceful, strategic individuals that provoke significant change - as in change for results not “change for the sake of change.” We achieve success through the highest level of creativity, integrity, leadership and relationships.

The true Silencia difference is our well-orchestrated strategic public relations. Unlike ...other PR firms, we know that sleek advertisements are just the beginning. We look beyond the immediate buzz and toward the long term with advanced sales and marketing techniques. At Silencia, we believe well thought out placement creates success.

We execute your public launch by using target demographic data to save you money and access a relevant customer base. It’s great to fill the room with local celebrities, whose who and athletes. However, we think it’s greater to pursue true, potential patrons and turn them into long-term customers.