Silver Lined Angel is a new novel depicting the true reality of Government-controlled healthcare.  The latest novel by Debra Dove, tells a similar story of personal tragedy, Government corruption and a struggle to do what is morally right as well as an insight into family relations and a touching love story.

If your looking for a great book to read and a different kind of love story, Silver Lined Angel is for you. More than just a romance novel, Silver Lined Angel is based around a current event on everyone's mind, government controlled health care.  This book is a love story of many dimensions such as the love of a child, learning to love a sister with bipolar and juggling a new kind of love.  A romance novel and a love of family, Silver Lined Angel  is also intertwined with government corruption, greed, mental illness and family relationships.  On a journey to find health care for a sick child, Lila Jenkins encounters all of these things and more.   Amid all the struggles to save a child, life events present humor with surprising twists and turns in the journey.  This love story will entertain, enlighten and possibly enrage you.