Silver Memories is based in Cornwall, UK and provides innovative and beautiful ways of preserving and treasuring special memories and relationships in the form of handmade pure and sterling silver jewellery.

We can take a leaf or petal from a bridal bouqet and preserve it's exact shape and detail in the form of pure silver necklaces, earrings or charms. Its an unusual and beautiful way of treasuring the special day; forever.

We can apply the same process to any leaves or petals, from any occassion.

We can preserve a seashell from your favourite beach in the same way (in the past we have preserved seashells picked on the beach people got married on or honeymooned on.

We can even preserve your childs fingerprint in the form of pure silver jewellery.

We also accept commissions for necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches.

Please take a few moment to browse our website to find out more.