Silver Eagle Outfitters manufactures specialty comfort- and evaporative cooling apparel, ranging from cooling vest and headwear products for children and adults to canine cool mats for pets.  All comfort products are designed for active lifestyles and for a range of outdoor activities-- as well as for those living with conditions that hinder or disable the body's own abilities of temperature regulation, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Fabry Disease. Tee-shirts and Wiley-X protective eye products for year-round sun protection are also available.

The company began in 2000, when a few friends who loved motorcycles and the outdoors realized that the cooling products available for heat stress relief were either heinously unattractive or had limited life-spans.  Using a patented, three-layer evaporative cooling material, they modified their fabric combinations and designs to both offer guaranteed quality, effective comfort, durable longevity, and attractive styles.

Now noted as the leading manufacturers in year-round comfort apparel, they continue to expand their product offerings to include new markets.  Beyond the cooling apparel and cooling blankets for adults and children, Silver Eagle makes a variety of cooling vests and floor mats for pets.  For all-year comfort and sun protection, microfiber t-shirts are available.

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, the company was founded by Nancy Keen and Bill Case.