IN THE TOP 10 INVESTIGATOR PROFILES ON LINKEDIN! +61410643121 - forensic@evestigator.com.au - The eVestigator®, 20+yrs Master Programmer, Court Appointed/Independent Expert Witness, Entrepreneur, Expert in Social Engineering, Master in Cyber Security, Cyber Digital Forensics, Cyber Forensic Investigator (PI) with real-life hands on experience in cases succeeding globally. He is known for his Strategic Counter-Intelligence skills solving cold cases law enforcement abandon.

He is a Master Cyber Profiler, tracer of cyber criminals using complementary skills & techniques. He holds many qualifications, is an IT Master Auditor/Lecturer with 20+ continuous years of industry experience, a rare court Expert Witness with extensive knowledge of the Dark Web, Bitcoin & Cryptography, and developer of a TOR browser variant for iOS. He invented a QR like code without realising it when he was 15. He is an innovator in Education, creating his first ten digit business at 26yo, utilising the IoT. He has been labelled by SecurityNow's Ken Hess as perhaps the "World's Best Investigator". He has 'Real Industry Experience'.

He grew up programming at 11yo, in VCE ranked in the top 3% in IS, resulting almost directly as an Analyst Programmer. A few years later he lectured Advanced Programming at Swinburne Uni part time concurrently.

He is a Cth. FDRP and Evidence Expert for all legal cases involving IT forensics & document validation. Featured on Today (9), ABC (2) and A Current Affair (9), and presenting across the world and via PodCast, he is well known. He is also a Cyber Insurance Loss Adjuster, Master of Ceremonies & PMP/ IT Expert.

He is an App Store and Enterprise Application Developer, Source Code Auditor and programmer for C, VB, .NET/#, iOS, Android, Windows, Python, Linux, Unix, Mac, Java, JS, Perl, all HTML technologies, Windows CE, machine code. He is skilled in mobile forensics.

Quals: http://www.evestigator.com.au/#d WP: https://simonsmithinvestigator.wordpress.com