Monique Halley, Life Tracking Expert, and owner of Bliss Books, LLC (Simply Bliss), operates a digitally based personal development company for women, with a focus on relationship clarity.  
She believes as women we can create and sustain healthy relationships personally and professionally, while upholding a strong sense of self, caring for our overall well-being and nurturing what we crave.

Monique Halley is well versed in the art of Life-tracking: an exploration process created to help women arrive at relationship clarity. Monique life-tracking techniques helped her find her voice and embrace self-love amidst the chaos of an unconventional relationship with her mother, a marriage that left her craving more of herself, and single parenthood with a son that faces daily health challenges. Monique learned to avoid the traps of victimhood and paralyzing fear by learning how to track her life’s patterns, using journaling and other detailed self-analysis tools.

Today, through clarity sessions, Monique is offering 15 years of experience to women who seek better knowledge of self, and a clear understanding of the WHY behind the decisions they make, and the relationships they’ve created in their lives.

Her Clarity Sessions empower women with solid strategies, life skills and she helps them realize that they have options to do something about what doesn’t feel right. When women learn life skills of Relationship Clarity they gain Courage.

Monique is most fulfilled as a truth-seeker, introspection advocate, straight-talk kind of communicator, proud and present mother to a son with chronic illnesses.