Simply Me Naturally’s In the Garden Line, is a line of concentrated spa products that are based with natural fruits and vegetables such as Strawberries, Coconut, Coconut Milk, Cucumber, Spinach, Carrots, and Manuka Honey (in most products and has amazing benefits for your skin) and produced under eco-friendly processes. These products are all natural with NO harsh Chemicals, or paraben preservatives. There are NO artificial colors, fragrances, or water in these products. Each product’s ingredients are meticulously selected and contain the most effective concentrations. The ingredients for each product is proudly displayed on the top of each container. We make a strong effort to not only naturally care for your skin, but also care for our enviroment, thus our use of PLA packaging, strong and durable like plastic but made from corn. Completely biodegradable, and no worries of harmful chemicals leaching into your product from plastic, or cracked and broken glass. Just one more aspect which sets Simply Me Naturally apart.