Slow to NO REVENUE growth? Need Business Development help? As Business Development / Expansion specialists we can help...

Recognizing and aggressively pursuing the opportunities presented by new markets and technologies and altered world expectations is the path to success. Discerning what is of value in the old ways and blending it seamlessly with these new possibilities is vital if companies are to compete on the world stage.

Simpson & Partners’ expertise is broad and deep, befitting our collective experience. We are highly disciplined, intellectually rigorous, passionate and ethical. We have served with distinction in virtually every business, industry, service and governmental sector.


"These are very smart people who deliver results beyond the expected every single time, no matter what the issue. They are our “go to” group, always." ~Beverly K., CEO of a data base management company, MD~

"They will work as hard for you as you do for yourself ... providing new ideas and opportunities, and expanding your vision. I am a raving fan." ~Jacqui R., Hospitality industry professional, SC~

"As a consular attache I met many who claimed expertise in international business, but only Simpson actually knew how to craft situations in which all sides were respected and ended up as winners. Politics, business, and culture are intertwined, and knowing all of them makes Simpson better than any others." ~Bashir M.S., diplomat and international businessman ~