Simputech is an exciting technology business that offers a range of PC products, specialising in quality tablet PC's and building genuine PC systems. Simputech provides great service with a smile, guarantees we'll stick by and seamless, quality products that you'll love and adore. We give you the Simputech difference, an entire lifestyle of computing that is tailored to your needs. Founded in 2009, Simputech has since grown the range of products and services that it provides, growing with our customers to provide them with the best that we can provide. We know that these days there's lots of choice around- and we love that fact. Shop around, but always make sure that you're assured you're buying quality products with a great guarantee, the support services to back it up and, of course, the price tag to match! This is the Simputech choice that we provide to you- you'll find all of this in one simple package- a purchase of one of our products. We also encourage you to join our website to get the most out of our services, such as blogging, participating in forums and much, much more! We're customer-centred here at Simputech and we need you to function, so please don't hesitate to contact us, send us an e-mail, text us, post on oru forums or create a blog and get involved!

Business Vision:

Simputech aims to provide the best service to all of its customers, to make our service simple and convenient and to grow ourselves in order to better provide for our customers. We also strive to provide easy PC solutions for customers and quality goods, making your experiences with us as rewarding as can be. We will not forget our mottos that “Quality is important” and “Computing should be simple”! Our new “It’s more than just a computer” and “Building tomorrow’s products, today” campaigns aim to provide the customer with not just a PC or Tablet PC, but a lifestyle of computing tailored to their needs.