Launched in 2005, Simran Capital Management is a leading alternative investment firm that employs a unique investment process which includes a multi-tiered credit research approach to successfully identify bonds as rich or cheap. Simran coined the phrase “Pre-Event Driven Strategy” from their tendency to invest in debt prior to a capital structure event occurring. Simran takes an early “Activist” role by bringing stakeholders together across the capital structure to accomplish some kind of restructuring. The strategy won the firm “Emerging Manager of the Year” in 2007 and “Hedge Fund of the Year” in 2008 at the Emerging Manager Summit Annual Awards. The firm provides asset management solutions to a broad range of institutional and high-net-worth investors and offers onshore and offshore funds as well as managed accounts. For more information, please visit www.simrancapital.com, call (312) 523-2180 or email info@simrancapital.com.