Sinag Microfunds is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping financially struggling students in the Philippines pay for their education through microloans.

Hoping to give Filipino students the opportunity to complete their education and have a better chance in life, Sinag Microfunds serves as online microfunding platform which allows people from all over the world to give donations from $20 and up, to contribute to a student loan fund.

The endeavor was spurred by the story of Kristel Tajeda, a 16 year-old student from the University of the Philippines (UP) ended her own life following her inability to pay her tuition, which forced her to drop out from school.

Sinag Microfunds was founded by Sheena Jamora, now the nonprofit's Executive Director, along with fellow UP alumni Carla Baful (Director for Media Production), Meiling Lee (Director for Special Projects), Juan Carlos Soriano (Director for Art and Design), Margaret Yarcia (Director for Marketing), Mary Anne Tuazon (Director for Program Operations), and Rica Cruz (Director for Finance and Development.

Their job is to be in touch with a global lending community, as well as the beneficiaries. They screen students who are financially needy and have solid determination to finish their studies, and allocate the funds accordingly. Over the semester, they ensure that the students are paying, so that the money can be loaned to others.

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