We partner with Fair Traders who also believe sharing makes the world a better place. We support Haitian farmers; we buy beans directly from grower co-ops.

Our Haitian Mountain Bleu coffee comes from the same type of coffee plant & is grown in a similar region as the wildly successful Jamaican Blue bean - but at a fraction of the price. In Miami, Jamaican blue sells for as much as $49 a pound. Singing Rooster's Haitian Blue sells for less than $12 a pound.

Our coffee is from a single origin and is natural; natural crops mean a better coffee, a better environment. Put simply, Haitian farmers can’t afford chemicals; they use natural and organic methods like composting and shade-grown farming techniques.

Our RARE Mountain Bleu roast is rich, nutty & semi-sweet; cool nights at high altitudes produce gentle & FLAVORFUL coffees!

Haitian bleu coffee growers hand pick coffee cherries; wet processing techniques yield a unique blue-green colored bean.

We ship these BEAUTIFUL, raw beans from Haiti to the U.S. for roasting; we roast in small batches to provide FRESH and EXCELLENT tasting coffee that is perfectly balanced in body and acidity.

100% of Singing Rooster's proceeds go BACK to Haiti; our goal is to build economic infrastructures based, in part, on coffee growing, production and exportation.

Buy it for the taste AND satisfaction because sharing makes the world a better place.