SitesAssure.com is a leader in website maintenance, repair and optimization. Companies have three tiers of plans to choose from, giving them the flexibility of selecting solutions, which better fit the size and scope of their interactive needs at a price, which is affordable. SitesAssure.com has developed these plans to answer a need by businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes who been searching for cost-effective ways to maintain their web properties, without having to hire a full-time IT department.

Most small businesses are at the mercy of the developer, hosting company or other interactive entity that developed and may be hosting their website. The intricate problem that most companies face is that’s the service does not extend to continual maintenance of the website and assurance that it is kept up-to-date, up-to-spec and maintained for optimal performance preventing downtime. To get serviced by these entities is costly, time-consuming and not efficient. Many companies experience severe interruptions because of this, resulting in lost revenue, vulnerability exposure and credibility. This is because the old way of web property maintenance is reactive – addressing problems only after they occur.

SitesAssure.com is a way for businesses and entrepreneurs to proactively manage their website. It’s like insurance for websites, only better because SitesAssure.com prevents incidents from happening in the first place. SitesAssure.com monitors, scans, preventively maintains and services customer’s web properties utilizing automated services mixed with real developers to create a robust plan that keeps web properties up-and running, compliant, secure and safe for a price which is less then most people pay for a cup of coffee a day. Whether customers have a simple, informational website or a robust e-commerce site with a content management system, SitesAssure.com has the experienced professionals needed to make sure web properties function as they were intended to.