Sitex low cost services help SMBs to meet the needs of more customers and target a broader market segment. Sitex will customize your solutions to meet the needs of individual customers at a fraction of the cost. These services have helped many businesses to increase the market relevance of their solutions, leading to more sales and revenues.

Unlike other IT outsourcing providers, Sitex is owned and operated by industry veterans from the United Kingdom and Germany. Communication with Sitex is always clear and understandable. This ensures that Sitex always delivers the highest quality services to its customers.

Sitex was founded in the spring of 2003 by Christof Deininger with the aim of providing low-cost offshore IT services to his native Germany. From the beginning, Sitex has positioned itself as an offshore IT services company for small and medium sized businesses, providing tailored solutions at very competitive prices. For this reason communication with Sitex has always been simple and we change ourselves to fit around you.
Present Day

Today, Sitex continues to expand to meet the demands of more and more satisfied clients from more and more countries. Based in the academic region of the rapidly expanding city of Krasnoyarsk, in central Siberia, Sitex has access to some of Russia’s most talented software engineers and designers – Krasnoyarsk has 19 Universities!

Buoyed by its successes in central Europe, Sitex has enjoyed a steady growth in revenues since inception. Our team has grown in number by an average 25% per year. In 2009, Sitex expanded its management team to include a Technical Director, a reflection of the increasing demands placed on the organization from this success.

Sitex is not slowing down; we are expanding our marketing presence around the globe, initially with North America, UK and Ireland. Our development team will continue to expand and to keep up to date with the latest technological advances.