Skilled VisaGuide Pvt. Ltd. (www.skilledvisaguide.com) is launched in partnership with HSMP Services Limited, UK (www.hsmp-services.co.uk) to provide full visa and immigration services for clients in India.

Skilled VisaGuide to provide Full Visa and Immigration Services in India

Skilled VisaGuide Pvt. Ltd. is now in the process of setting up Representative Offices or Associate Offices in major cities of India to help the clients from all over India with honest advice and professional services related to Student Visas, Work Permits, Highly Skilled Visas, Settlement Visas, Dependant Visas, Business Visas, Family Visas, and Visit Visas.

Skilled VisaGuide Pvt. Ltd. is also entering into strategic alliances with International Colleges and Universities who are interested in recruiting students from India for higher education abroad.