The Skupin Law Group, PLLC (http://skupinlaw.com/) Phone:  (602) 232-2000 and its family law attorneys work tirelessly to give each and every client the highest level of service related to family law matters. Receiving unrivaled personalized service, our lawyers are attentive and will do their best to meet your needs as close as possible. The Skupin Law Group, PLLC gives legal assistance on the following topics:

   Legal Separation
   Establish Paternity
   Child Custody
   Child Support
   Spousal Maintenance
   Temporary Orders    
   Orders of Protection
   Emergency Petitions
   Accountability Court
   Enforcement Petitions
   Community Property
   Property and Debt Division
   Company Valuation
   Contested and Uncontested Divorce
   Visitation and Parenting Time
   Temporary Injunction Orders
   Parent/Child Relocation Issues
   Modification of Spousal Support    
   Modification of Visitation
   Modification of Child Support
   Modification of Custody
   Judgments for Arrears
   Dependency and Guardianship    
   Orders of Assignment
   Enforcement of Child Support and Arrears
   Grandparent Rights Petitions
    Domestic Violence
   Criminal Charges (All criminal cases are handled by attorney Alicia Morrison)

If you would like to talk with a lawyer, contact the Skupin Law Group at (602) 232-2000. A licensed Arizona Family Law Attorney will contact you within 1 day.