Sky2Sea International (www.sky2seainternational.com; +44 (0)131 2208246) provide unique and challenging worldwide expeditions & adventure trips, corporate challenges & all location, expedition management, health & safety and training needs for Film & TV.

S2Si Tribal adventure trips and expeditions

Sky2Sea International is a company with proficiency and depth. It has over 20 years of expertise drawing on some of the leading professionals in its sphere. We are an innovative company, agile and responsive to people's needs. Combining a multitude of skills, disciplines and experience, S2Si concentrates on, but is not limited to three main areas – provision of health & safety needs and logistics for Film & TV both on overseas expeditions and UK projects, Bespoke Expeditions for individuals and groups, and Corporate Challenges.

If you are a Production Company wanting Expedition Management to a remote country or tribe, a School wanting a 1 - 4 week adventure-based or project-based expedition to the Jungle, Desert or Mountains, or a Company wanting a charity challenge or project-based adventure for 1 - 2 weeks, then get in touch with us at S2Si. In addition we can assist with Health and Safety, Expedition Management and Risk Analysis.

A wealth of expertise can be drawn on from the medical, logistical and technical fields. Between the S2Si staff and the team on its expert panel (see below), every environment on Earth has been experienced. S2Si provides services for: film and TV crews worldwide, bespoke expeditions for schools and universities, and unique challenges and project-based expeditions for the business community. We work from the Amazon to the Arctic, from the Jungle to the Desert, undertaking community and conservation projects or providing health and safety cover and logistics for adrenaline-charged challenges.

Being a small company allows S2Si to become personally involved with every expedition. Expeditions and extreme environments are our passion and it is important that we help our clients to maximise the opportunities in such places. Our international network of project partners, fixers, leaders, logisticians and medics provides us with a unique ability to provide total support, worldwide. S2Si is an all round package of support and advice for any expedition you may wish to undertake.

Worldwide network of Advisors and Associates

Tribal Papua New GuineaWe have fantastic local contacts throughout the world, as well as up-to-the-minute specialist and detailed knowledge of many countries around the world, and as such are able to offer bespoke expeditions the likes of which you would be hard-pushed to find anywhere else. We have a permanent medical director as well as an outdoor education technical advisor proficient in a host of disciplines including climbing, rope access and river / sea skills. We work with some of the best, most saught-after expedition leaders and medics in the business. S2Si is quite simply able to bring together the very best of the expedition business to operate under a common ethos.

S2Si have a panel of key advisors which provides our company with a pool of expertise to rival any in the industry. This panel contains health and safety experts and professionals - those that have worked in higher education for many years, outdoor technicians, expedition medics, insurance and legal consultants. Marrying knowledge and experience under one umbrella allows S2Si to draw on this wealth of expertise as and when the need arises at a moments notice. Thus ensuring the company stays ahead of the latest and relevant protocols and has an invaluable resource to refer to.

We have an established history in the TV production field and an extensive portfolio having worked on a number of productions including:

   * Crisis Control, a CBBC production in the UK
   * Adrenaline Junkie 1 & 2 in Belize, Central America and Sarawak, Borneo with Ginger TV
   * Unbreakables in Morocco with Ricochet
   * Jungle & Desert Serious series (with Bruce Parry, now famous for the excellant Tribe and Amazon series and with whom Rob worked alongside for several years in South East Asia and Central America)
   * Last Man Standing in Papua New Guinea with the BBC
   * Extreme Dreams in Guyana and Papua New Guinea with Ricochet (featuring Ben Fogle)
   * Exiled in North Africa and Borneo with MTV and Left Right Ltd

Bespoke Expeditions

We have run and set up expeditions and bespoke projects to many areas around the globe, including:

S2SiUndiscovered & S2SiTribal in Papua New Guinea

   * South East Asia
   * Central America
   * South America
   * North Africa
   * South Pacific
   * Asia
   * Europe