SkyQuestCom, which commenced operation in the year 2002 in Singapore, is now the leading global provider of E-learning systems. SkyQuestCom India operations commenced from 2005. SkyQuestCom  provide a comprehensive suite of learning resources and training programs to help people fulfill their dreams, achieve success and make them useful partners in their companies, organisations and society. SkyQuestCom offer both subscribers and corporations a comprehensive virtual showcase of the world’s best speakers.

SkyQuestCom uses the Network Marketing distribution channel to sell its vast collection of Online Video seminars. SkyQuestCom is the founder member of DSA, Singapore and is the only company in the world to be the member of Direct Selling Association (DSA) and Multilevel Marketing International Association (MLMIA).

According to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2008 Ranking and CEO Survey, SkyQuestCom is the #1 fastest growing technology company in Singapore and the 11th fastest in the Asia Pacific region.

SkyQuestCom  has proved itself to be a world-class pioneer in E-learning. By leveraging on the enormous power and reach of the Internet, people can learn any time, at any pace, in any place and affordably! It took only 3 years for SkyQuestCom to expand into 27 countries. To date, SkyQuestCom has more than 200,000 subscribers in 58 different countries. Currently, SkyQuestCom  has offices in 5 countries throughout Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and India. The SkyQuestCom India office is at Bangalore.

With SkyQuestCom, you are never confined to a limited local market, but have access to potential prospects anywhere in the world with an internet connection. SkyQuestCom compensation plans are based upon proven principles and are some of the most lucrative in the business.

At SkyQuestCom India, you will discover the fastest and easiest way to wealth, health and happiness from over 300 online video seminars - and growing – of the world’s best speakers. Simply log on to the Internet and you can get the success training you need to excel in every area of your life, from the comfort of your own home or office!

If you've ever wanted to get a clear direction to discover how to achieve everything you always wanted in your personal, business and even your love life, SkyQuestCom India has the answers. SkyQuestCom have meticulously handpicked a powerhouse of the world’s most brilliant minds and collectively assembled them in more than 300 online video seminars. Their strategies and techniques have helped millions of people worldwide achieve astounding levels of success...and they can help you too. Through these easy-to-access videos, you'll have all the tools you need to get the success you deserve!

At SkyQuestCom, the passion for success resonates in the awards they’ve garnered for almost every major area of our business.

SkyQuestCom was the only Singapore company to have emerged among the Top 20 in the 2008 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific programme. Overall, companies that ranked on the Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2008 programme had an average growth rate of 707%. SkyQuestCom, on the other hand, achieved a sustained revenue growth of an amazing 2,724.33%. This makes us the #1 fastest growing technology company in Singapore and the 11th fastest in the Asia Pacific region.

SkyQuestCom is the recipient of the 2007 Professional Enterprise Award organised by the Asian Management Association (AMA) and jointly organised by the Certified Consultant Academy (CCA)..

The Singapore Book of Records officially recognizes SkyQuestCom as the “Largest Self-Development Portal in Singapore ”. The Book of Records is Singapore ’s equivalent of the Guinness Book of Records. It annually recognises outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations that go the extra mile to break world records.

SkyQuestCom has won the Golden Brand Award at the International Brand Summit, an industry conference at the Global Entrepolis 2006 organized by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

SkyQuestCom was awarded “International Company of the Year”, by the Multilevel Marketing International Association (MLMIA). This award is given to SkyQuestCom because they have distinguished themselves as a global company that is built to serve. The MLMIA recognises the professionalism of SkyQuestCom’s leadership, its excellent business model, outstanding products, powerful systems, and their significant results.

SkyQuestCom’s CEO, Mr. Richard Tan, has won the Phoenix Award, a prestigious recognition from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). This prestigious award recognises technopreneurs that underwent failure then started afresh to create new hi-tech business ventures.

The Malaysian Government has granted SkyQuestCom the Multimedia Super Corridor Status.