I own a Blog built on the WordPress platform, I offer some free tutorial services in various aspects of the internet field (how to build webpages with no experience, how to read code)  I'm still in the process of increasing my knowledge base for things in the technology and marketing fields, I know enough to help and i enjoy teaching things that genuinely help people, how to make custom graphics, etc.  Beginner to moderate level information with good, useable content is what i offer both in free and paid ventures alike. I just want to say Thank you to everyone who has benefited from my tutorials for being curious, and to those who wish to tell me what i did wrong, we are all equal here, voice your opinion but keep it G rated or you will be discontinued from any further conversations herein under my control. respect and professionalism are necessities in business, if you dont agree say so NICELY :) and your view will be taken into honest consideration and left up for others to comment on. This is the only way :)