For a broad market, Skyclock® is a unique time-keeping display application. An enhancement of the internationally recognized analog clock, it is a compelling, dynamic, graphic that accurately shows relative specific solar time. That is, knowing date and location, a 3-color ‘face’ displays regional length of daylight, slice-of-pie twilight, and night.

The concept applies to any date anywhere on earth. User groups are aviators, boaters, photographers, and anyone involved in outdoor sports and recreation. Skyclock® can be placed in any vehicle or mobile device with an LCD screen, in addition to homes, schools, and businesses.

Twilight occurs at different times within the same time zone on the same day. An example in the U.S. is the Eastern Time Zone, in which the sun sets approximately an hour earlier for those in Bangor, Maine, than for those in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In addition, twilight hours within the same community change on a daily basis. The Skyclock display automatically updates every 12 hours, in order to show the next period of twilight (dawn or dusk).

Skyclock is scientifically based in horological and astronomical principles and algorithms. Skyclock will accurately show twilight periods virtually anywhere in the world.