The Skye Recruitment Solutions staff has successfully delivered candidates to a wide range of companies, from early stage startups to longstanding industry leaders. Our ability to qualify candidates based on functional, technical and corporate cultural requirements is second to none.


Our proven recruiting methodology has been continually refined over the last decade, allowing us to keep up with new developments in staffing while still using traditional recruiting methods. Because we are specialists in Government and Public Safety, Energy and Utilities, and Telecom and New Media, our network of industry professionals is unparalleled, giving us the connections needed to recruit both active and passive candidates.

Our Philosophy:

We understand how important hiring the right person is to your organization. Thus we take a partnering approach with our clients and work to gain a full understanding of their needs before beginning a search. This allows us to help our clients and candidates make informed decisions throughout the process. Our staff takes pride in facilitating a successful relationship between our client companies and their new hires.