Our success has been based on partnerships with Quebec based companies looking to expand their businesses internationally or gain market share locally. By working closely with our clients, we create personalized marketing communication solutions, helping plan and implement their projects. We equate success only if our clients achieve positive return on investment from their tradeshow marketing program.

Skyline is the global leader in custom modular tradeshow display solutions. We are Quebec City's and Montreal's Skyline Design and Distribution center. Once the solution is created, we utilize our network and munufacturing capabilities to maximize your budget. As a one-stop shop that can deliver anywhere in the world, not only do we manage your tradeshow program from A-Z (you receive professional services and ISO9001 quality), our solutions will save you time, energy and money.

Specialties: We focus on being "green" by offering rentals in strategic locations or light weight booths if shipping is required. Reduction in Co2, shipping costs, drayage costs, maintenance costs and I & D are benefits. Your look does not suffer, our solutions are state of the art engineered solutions that easily handle long term use and look great for many years. We were born on innovation and invest heavily to set industry trends and push the limits for you. 30 years and counting ... 500,000 booths and counting ...