The Original SleepCoffee® is the most unexpected breakthrough sleep aid in years. Good sleep has been proven to diminish depression, increase longevity, enhance sexual performance, improve memory and boost global cognitive function.  The SleepCoffee® herbal blend promotes safe, natural neurologically restful sleep.  

For centuries people have depended on the sleep inducing properties of mother natures herb's to relax and fall asleep.  
Industry leading food scientists  developed a safe proprietary herbal formula that could be added to decaffeinated coffee. The SleepCoffee® blend includes organically sourced Melatonin, Hops, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Hawthorne Root and Lemon Balm.  SleepCoffee® is a specialized unique blend of natural herbal ingredients that promote sleep naturally.  SleepCoffee® decaf is Natural Water Process decaffeinated and 100% organic. No harmful chemical is used growing or processing SleepCoffee®.